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Monday, March 11, 2013

Post Valentines Haul

ELF COSMETICS is one of the drugstore companies that sell quality products at a fraction of the cost. And I was happy with what I purchased from them last Christmas that I looked forward for another great deal from them.

True enough, my wait paid off. As part of their valentine promo, they sold their best seller products at 50% off!! Like a very excited little girl for her princess birthday, I searched and clicked everything that I wanted and closed my eyes wishing my hubby won’t get mad at me for buying too much stuff and using his card for it (hahaha).
Here’s my loot:

 There’s one there that is not part of my elf haul. I just put it there because I also bought it during the love season and at a cheap price, I’ll go into details later.

I will dissect everything as sets. First, let’s go to the tools:

1.       11-piece brush collection – the original price of this kit is $30USD and imagine buying it at half of the cost! I am in heaven! I bought this because I want to have a fan brush and I love the casing of this set.
2.       Kabuki face brush – I got intrigued with this kabuki brush and this is my first regular sized kabuki. I have a small one that I love and have been using since 2008.
3.       Sigma F80 flat top brush – I bought this because I got a 10 dollar off the original value. I heard so many raves and now is the time give it a try.

Next set is the set of new products:

I really don’t know how these babies were on the best sellers but it got me intrigued and thought of trying them. Price range is around 1-3 dollars each.

1.       Waterproof eyeliner pen -  it looks sleek and pretty for a dollar that is why I bought it. I like how the tip looks like on the picture. Let us see if this is really a keeper.
2.       Jumbo lipgloss stick – I wonder if this might be a dupe for the Clinique lip stain and Revlon.
3.       Jumbo eyeshadow stick – I haven’t tried any jumbo eyeshadow stick at all. I wonder if this will work on my lids and how long will it last.
4.       Mineral eyeshadow primer – I ran out of my good old primer I hope that this will be the same as the one that I have before.

Next set is the studio line:

1.       HD baked blush – I have seen Judy of itsjudytime raved on this as this is a good dupe for the MAC mineralized blush. Though I haven’t tried MAC yet, I feel like this is a good product.
2.       Makeup and mist set – I bought this because I will soon move to the desert and I wonder if this will help me make my makeup last for hours.
3.       HD blush in superstar – HD blush? Interesting
4.       Makeup remover pen – I sometimes make mistakes in putting makeup. I hope that this product will help me erase it nicely.

There you go, my post-valentine haul. I have been itching to touch them since they arrived a few days back, but I will soon move so I have to keep them in their boxes and delay my gratification until I become all settled.

I felt good seeing stuff at a cheap price with the additional 50% off on their price. Frugal moms and SAHMs will definitely agree with me with this good finds. I am crossing my fingers that they won’t upset me.
How about you? What’s your latest great and fabulous find?

BE gorgeous always.

(Disclaimer: products were bought from my own pocket. It was not paid in anyway by ELF Cosmetics)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013



I know i said i will be updating this love of mine...

been away because of the big move... and now I'm in this paradise

isn't wonderful?

will update again soon...


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

red lips on the red carpet

Happy Tuesday!

When I fell in love with makeup, I had this skeptic feelings with red lips. I felt like it has been always associated with seduction, flirtation and you know...

But the world of makeup and fashion has proven it all wrong...I am very wrong indeed. Now, I am a lover of Red lips because it depicts glam and classic, endless beauty.

Here's Jessica Chastain wearing red lips during the 2013 Oscars. She's so pretty, right?

And here's moi, wearing red lipstick...just because. hihi

road trip with friends

bonding with my favorite niece
makeup play time

spectator in a wedding almost a year ago...

Isn't red fantabulous? 

How about you, do you love red lips?

picture of Jessica Chastain


Happy Monday!

Will be moving in a week and I've got some haulin' as my backups because I will be with camels and sands and I don't have any idea if it will be available there... so here's what I got.

EOS lipbalm (my HG lipbalm)

wet n' wild lipsticks (for USD 1.99 each!)

The Falsies mascara by maybelline

Rimmel London lipstick by Kate Moss (bought them at buy 1 take 1 at 50%  off)

Revlon Nearly Naked (ive been hearing raves about this foundation)

Actually there's a lot more but for some reasons I cannot post them. but it is fine, I can share them in the thinks.

How about you, what's your latest haul?

Have a great week everybody!

Stay Gorgeous! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Throwback Sunday: Revisiting my G-lish brushes

Hi There!

Here's my first ever purchase of makeup brushes by g-lish. I can still recall how I researched and looked for one affordable brush set since i was a newbie... here's my thoughts...unedited from 2009. :)

Make-up is such a bad addiction! But it's way better than other vices, add to it the fact that it is a good investment because you will be able to use it in gatherings such as wedding, parties, and the like.

I am a NEWBIE to this, for I am a PE major and make-up is not in my line...ever! But then, realizations come to us ladies am i...addicted! lolz (not too much cause hubby will surely kill me...)

As far as i can recall, having good set brushes is the number one investment starters should take a look upon too. Though there are tons in the market, it is still much better to research and read so that you'll get the value of your money (though it still depends on the compatability of your skin to the brushes).

So, to start I found the g-lish brushes. I have seen this from Nikki, of Askmewhats and she said that she had tried them and it is cheap! (oh yes it is!!!). After reading her blog, I went to trinoma the next day to check on it. It is cute, and good for newbies for the handles have names on it, but i asked myself..."is it a good investment?"

I ended not buying the item...

And two months after that, I saw another blog crossing over the same brushes...It was Shen of Shen's addiction. I found her review very inspiring that's why i gave it a go. So finally, one day while waiting for my hubby, I took all the liberty to take a closer look at the brushes. and after a few minutes of self convincing, I bought it.

Here's my first set of brush

My say:
* the brushes are good for beginners. Names of the brushes are inscribed to guide us when and where to use it.
*it is so overly cheap (PHp 550)

Fastforward, I still have some the brushes in the set. the others I gave it to my childhood friend because I am hopping from one place to another and instead of throwing it, why not give to friends, right? 

test 123

Hi there!

I've been away for quite a while...

But then, I realized that I am missing this little space in the techno world where I can be me and express what I am, what I love and what I wanted.

I hope i will still be welcomed in this world and for that, I thank with a beautiful eyes reading this.

I will not make a promise but I will surely makeup to what I've lost.

Pardon me to all the grammatical errors as I am not a writer by heart.... but I am very much open to all the objective criticisms.

again, thank you. :)