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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Happy Monday!

Will be moving in a week and I've got some haulin' as my backups because I will be with camels and sands and I don't have any idea if it will be available there... so here's what I got.

EOS lipbalm (my HG lipbalm)

wet n' wild lipsticks (for USD 1.99 each!)

The Falsies mascara by maybelline

Rimmel London lipstick by Kate Moss (bought them at buy 1 take 1 at 50%  off)

Revlon Nearly Naked (ive been hearing raves about this foundation)

Actually there's a lot more but for some reasons I cannot post them. but it is fine, I can share them in the thinks.

How about you, what's your latest haul?

Have a great week everybody!

Stay Gorgeous! 


  1. Kittykat Miyaw2:55 PM

    Debbie, what colors did you get for the wet and wild lippies?

  2. I want the rimmel lipstick too!!! ^_~

  3. i haven't tried it but it looks very fabulous!

  4. purty persimmon, think pink, red velvet, 906D, Mauve outta here, stoplight red


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