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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

red lips on the red carpet

Happy Tuesday!

When I fell in love with makeup, I had this skeptic feelings with red lips. I felt like it has been always associated with seduction, flirtation and you know...

But the world of makeup and fashion has proven it all wrong...I am very wrong indeed. Now, I am a lover of Red lips because it depicts glam and classic, endless beauty.

Here's Jessica Chastain wearing red lips during the 2013 Oscars. She's so pretty, right?

And here's moi, wearing red lipstick...just because. hihi

road trip with friends

bonding with my favorite niece
makeup play time

spectator in a wedding almost a year ago...

Isn't red fantabulous? 

How about you, do you love red lips?

picture of Jessica Chastain


  1. Kitty9:09 PM

    Red lips look nice on you! Go girl!

  2. Raimar Guevara12:03 PM

    Oh you have a lovely cheeks.



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