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Monday, February 25, 2013

Throwback Sunday: Revisiting my G-lish brushes

Hi There!

Here's my first ever purchase of makeup brushes by g-lish. I can still recall how I researched and looked for one affordable brush set since i was a newbie... here's my thoughts...unedited from 2009. :)

Make-up is such a bad addiction! But it's way better than other vices, add to it the fact that it is a good investment because you will be able to use it in gatherings such as wedding, parties, and the like.

I am a NEWBIE to this, for I am a PE major and make-up is not in my line...ever! But then, realizations come to us ladies am i...addicted! lolz (not too much cause hubby will surely kill me...)

As far as i can recall, having good set brushes is the number one investment starters should take a look upon too. Though there are tons in the market, it is still much better to research and read so that you'll get the value of your money (though it still depends on the compatability of your skin to the brushes).

So, to start I found the g-lish brushes. I have seen this from Nikki, of Askmewhats and she said that she had tried them and it is cheap! (oh yes it is!!!). After reading her blog, I went to trinoma the next day to check on it. It is cute, and good for newbies for the handles have names on it, but i asked myself..."is it a good investment?"

I ended not buying the item...

And two months after that, I saw another blog crossing over the same brushes...It was Shen of Shen's addiction. I found her review very inspiring that's why i gave it a go. So finally, one day while waiting for my hubby, I took all the liberty to take a closer look at the brushes. and after a few minutes of self convincing, I bought it.

Here's my first set of brush

My say:
* the brushes are good for beginners. Names of the brushes are inscribed to guide us when and where to use it.
*it is so overly cheap (PHp 550)

Fastforward, I still have some the brushes in the set. the others I gave it to my childhood friend because I am hopping from one place to another and instead of throwing it, why not give to friends, right? 


  1. Hi sis, I'm glad you bought it, I own the set that's really old..all black handled siya and so far, it works naman, I'm still using some of it and I can't do a review on it as I've given some away to my friends. I hope the newer version is better and even as good as the old one :)

    How do you like them?

  2. Hi Nikki!!
    I am glad i bought them, thanks to you and shen! hehehe
    I love all of them! i just find the powder brush a little stiff though. But, i will definitely keep this. thanks to you!!!

  3. Kittykat Miyaw11:20 AM

    Hello DeBi! I'm still a newbie, and I'm on the lookout for brushes suitable for beginners. Hope we could be friends, i added you up by the way.

    1. Dollface has a set that's synthetic...its about 900pesos. Super soft nya.the downside walang blending brush...btw, I'm debbie from fmbb :)


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