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Monday, March 11, 2013

Post Valentines Haul

ELF COSMETICS is one of the drugstore companies that sell quality products at a fraction of the cost. And I was happy with what I purchased from them last Christmas that I looked forward for another great deal from them.

True enough, my wait paid off. As part of their valentine promo, they sold their best seller products at 50% off!! Like a very excited little girl for her princess birthday, I searched and clicked everything that I wanted and closed my eyes wishing my hubby won’t get mad at me for buying too much stuff and using his card for it (hahaha).
Here’s my loot:

 There’s one there that is not part of my elf haul. I just put it there because I also bought it during the love season and at a cheap price, I’ll go into details later.

I will dissect everything as sets. First, let’s go to the tools:

1.       11-piece brush collection – the original price of this kit is $30USD and imagine buying it at half of the cost! I am in heaven! I bought this because I want to have a fan brush and I love the casing of this set.
2.       Kabuki face brush – I got intrigued with this kabuki brush and this is my first regular sized kabuki. I have a small one that I love and have been using since 2008.
3.       Sigma F80 flat top brush – I bought this because I got a 10 dollar off the original value. I heard so many raves and now is the time give it a try.

Next set is the set of new products:

I really don’t know how these babies were on the best sellers but it got me intrigued and thought of trying them. Price range is around 1-3 dollars each.

1.       Waterproof eyeliner pen -  it looks sleek and pretty for a dollar that is why I bought it. I like how the tip looks like on the picture. Let us see if this is really a keeper.
2.       Jumbo lipgloss stick – I wonder if this might be a dupe for the Clinique lip stain and Revlon.
3.       Jumbo eyeshadow stick – I haven’t tried any jumbo eyeshadow stick at all. I wonder if this will work on my lids and how long will it last.
4.       Mineral eyeshadow primer – I ran out of my good old primer I hope that this will be the same as the one that I have before.

Next set is the studio line:

1.       HD baked blush – I have seen Judy of itsjudytime raved on this as this is a good dupe for the MAC mineralized blush. Though I haven’t tried MAC yet, I feel like this is a good product.
2.       Makeup and mist set – I bought this because I will soon move to the desert and I wonder if this will help me make my makeup last for hours.
3.       HD blush in superstar – HD blush? Interesting
4.       Makeup remover pen – I sometimes make mistakes in putting makeup. I hope that this product will help me erase it nicely.

There you go, my post-valentine haul. I have been itching to touch them since they arrived a few days back, but I will soon move so I have to keep them in their boxes and delay my gratification until I become all settled.

I felt good seeing stuff at a cheap price with the additional 50% off on their price. Frugal moms and SAHMs will definitely agree with me with this good finds. I am crossing my fingers that they won’t upset me.
How about you? What’s your latest great and fabulous find?

BE gorgeous always.

(Disclaimer: products were bought from my own pocket. It was not paid in anyway by ELF Cosmetics)


  1. i'll surely buy them once im done with my makeup ban =)

  2. ahhh, gorgeous hauls!! i want them too! ^_~


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